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Why Choose us for your sports photography needs?

Sports is Our Passion:

Coming from a strong background in sports, we've developed a keen eye for finding the right shot for sports.

No matter if its for teams or individuals. We put our passion into each session that we shoot. Providing the photography solution to the athlete's needs is the basis of why Thumb Sports is an industry leader.

  • 95% of our business is youth or high school sports.

We're Here For The Athlete's Needs

Each session that we shoot is designed to fit the athlete's needs.

We cater our sessions to athletes, student-athletes, teams as well as competitive travel teams. We Build the session around the athlete so we are able to cover all bases with our services.

  • We know exactly how to run an efficient picture day.
  • Multiple Photographers are available and check-in personnel depending on league size.

Whether it is providing the perfect shots, team photo day's or the solo athlete, Thumb Sports is here to fit the athlete's needs on and off the field or court.

The Eye For Sports Photography

While there are numerous companies that claim to specialize in all aspects of photography, Thumb Sports is the only company to specialize in sports photography.

With this, we've worked with athletes and teams alike to develop the perfect eye for photography. Thumb Sports invests in our business to remain competitive in the industry.

Your Complete Sports Photography Company

Thumb Sports is dedicated to being your complete sports photography company. We dedicate ourselves to working with athletes in order to provide the best photography services to each session that we book.

  • Thumb Sports Photography composites our images, ensuring great photos of each player, no more closed eyes.
  • Exciting backgrounds customized to YOUR TEAM.
  • Quick Turnaround Times.
  • Easy distributions. All orders are mailed directly to the athletes home.

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Take the First Step for Your Perfect Session

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