Sports Photography Sessions Catered to the Athlete

Custom Sports Photography for Teams, Individuals, and Seniors

Sports is Our Passion

Thumb Sports Photography works with Athletes from the Reese, MI area and beyond.

From start to finish, the perfect session for sports photography should be solely focused on the athlete. That is our mission at Thumb Sports Photography. We use a athlete first approach to ensure that each of the sessions that we shoot, captures the essence of the athlete and the sport in question.

This applies to our team sessions, individual sessions, intense graphics, and seniors. Each presents their own unique take on the sport and athlete and that is what we strive to capture.

What Types of Sports Photography does Thumb Sports Do?

Each sport requires a different style of photography as do each individual athlete and team. We capture to the core what sports represent to the teams and athletes.


Each athlete has their own style, which is why we work closely with each individual athlete to capture their style in our individual sessions.


Whether it is working with a baseball team or a dance team, Thumb Sports Photography makes sure that the next team photos come out perfect.

Intense Graphics

Sports are intense no matter which one it is. That is why our intense graphics sessions capture that intensity with our customized sessions.


Becoming a senior is special, especially to athletes. We work with seniors to have a lasting memory of their sports and high school career.


Whether you’re curious about our services and pricing, or have questions regarding league and studio options or senior photos, reach out and we will be happy to help.

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